Soppa’s Latest News

Beach Volleyball and Hiking with Soppa

As Soppa is located next to the beach, we often take a break from work to swim, sunbathe, sit and chat on the beach, watch the sunset together or more recently, organise some sport; a few months ago, one of our residents, Jordi, bought a volleyball net and a ball and...

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Our new website

For some time now we have been thinking about changing our website so that it will better represent who we are and what we do. A more modern website, that will show everything that Soppa has to offer. Not just a coworking space, but also a space for artistic,...

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Windows to other worlds exhibition

On the 31st of August we will launch the exhibition season in Soppa's Art Gallery with a magnificent photographic exhibition 'Ventana a otros mundos' (Window to other worlds)  by  Laura Zein. Laura is considered to be an old school photographer, who learned how to...

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