As Soppa is located next to the beach, we often take a break from work to swim, sunbathe, sit and chat on the beach, watch the sunset together or more recently, organise some sport; a few months ago, one of our residents, Jordi, bought a volleyball net and a ball and we have started playing beach volleyball regularly.

In the beginning there were just a few of us – Jordi, Maja, Lara, Veert, Arantxa – but since then our volleyball group has grown. Volleyball is a great way to get to know our own community but we also invite others, both locals and digital nomads to play with us. During the summer season we play twice a week. Afterwards, we go to one of the cafes at Las Canteras to enjoy a few cold beers.

Soppa de Azul hiking 01

Once a month, especially when it’s not too hot, we get out of town and explore the island. On our last excursion we went to Tamadaba, a beautiful pine forest in the region of Artenara. We hiked to Altavista, about 3 hours uphill. On the way back we enjoyed the beautiful views of Teide and Tenerife on one side, and the incredible valleys of Gran Canaria with Roque Nublo and Bentaiga on the other.