Soppa de Azul coworking in Canary Island
Soppa Lab has already been approved and registered by the Canary Islands government, we are born with the vocation to generate social impact and improvements through culture in our environment. Soppa Lab wants to be a reference in interconnection with other islands through projects of the European Union. We have the experience, the knowledge and the place to carry out all kinds of cultural, educational and technological activities. We are with Soppa de Azul SL a young and dynamic cultural industry in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Our work rooms with capacity for 50 or 20 people and our workshop area can meet the needs of any work group, business or Erasmus in their activities and needs.
Soppa de Azul your coworking in Canary Island continues to grow, slowly, taking root and generating a community of qualified people and eager to make Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and La Isleta a cultural reference in Europe.
This week we are looking forward to Eddy, a meeting of a Canarian company in our Multi room, the incorporation of Tomatikets, Airam Training company and the pleasant surprise that Miriam Olsen returns in August, and Thomas, a Swedish creator of Bamse, comes in September and we are already organizing with Ronald and Richard from Dormund some courses aimed at German companies to create Interfaces with creativity capsules. Paola Duque , jellewery and coworker in Soppa from 3 years ago is still in Paris doing a Workshop in Mutinerie Coworking. We miss her. Pao is on the photo of this post.

Hard work is paying off and we are preparing for what is coming, projects, dreams and illusions.
Good day everyone