The Soppa Lab Sociocultural Association is now a reality. Born as a result of the synergies that are generated in the Coworking of Soppa de Azul, a group of Coworkers of different professions and with the desire to change the world and the neighborhood a bit through training and culture.

Alecs Navío, Nacho Menvielle, Esther Alvarez, Marta Amador, Rubén Jimenez and Alby Martín have created some statutes, registered the Association in the Government of the Canary Islands and today we have been able to collect the Nif or fiscal number, so the sociation as of today June 18 we started walking.

Based in Soppa de Azul, in Américo Vespucio 68 in the La Isleta neighborhood, where we can use the meeting rooms, the gallery and the workshops for the training projects, in a space according to our needs creating a magnificent collaboration between the space from which we have emerged and we.

Soppa Lab was created with the aim of attracting European educational, cultural and technological projects with social impact and generators of cohesion among the countries of the Union. The idea is that in a period of two years we can be generators of projects, collaborating and associating with associations from other countries and enter the network of hubs with the mentality of being a reference in generation of sociocultural projects in the Canary Islands and therefore, in Europe.

With humility but with effort and perseverance Soppa Lab is ambitious, like dreamers that we are we like to create our dreams and that those dreams reach many.

Our name Soppa, in gratitude to the site that joined us and Lab, Vocablo very fashionable that means Laboratory, that does not stop being a place where it is experienced and created.