Today we have received the visit to Soppa of the TV3 TV of Norway making a documentary about Gran Canaria, about the Norwegians that live in our island and about peculiar places or of interest. In this case the program, called Charterfeber, were accompanied with a great artist resident in Arguineguin, Tara Djume, accompanied by her husband, super friendly, funny and amazing in front of camera, Rune Johansen, who wanted to shoot a part of the program in Soppa, teach the art gallery with the work of Rocco Cardinale, our meeting and event rooms, the artist workshops area, the office and the people who work here. Digital Nomads, Spats and local people. We are really grateful to Tara and Rune for coming and showing our space on a large audience television in Norway.

At the end of the recording Tara showed us her work and we decided to make an exhibition that we will inaugurate on October 27, Saturday, throughout the day, with the music with which she has worked on her creative process, food, drink and that the Norwegian community of the South of Gran Canaria.

Alecs NavĂ­o, founder and manager of Soppa de Azul attended them and explained in detail many things that happen in Soppa

Soppa de Azul, coworking in canary Island and dreamer space