Last Sunday Morning we celebrated the first Soppa Experience Open Studio.
The coworkers who work downstairs Alby Martín, Photograph, Paola Duque, jellewery, Rocco Cardinales, painter, Rubén Jimenes, cinema production, Arantxa Arenas, clothe maker and Alecs Navío celebrate the first open studio, event that we want to do it every last sunday of the month the all year.
Also we had a Angela Ciccarello as a invited artista, she Works with glasses,

Dj Leví and Ayoze, both coworkers in Soppa oficce play the music giving the event the sound necesary to be in the open studios.
Many people and Friends came to the event,they saw the work of the artist and the artista working.

Also the people dance, drink and get some food.

Everybody have a amacing day.

We invite you to the next open studio the day 24 of february 2019.