Last weekend, on Saturday evening, we hosted an exhibition of Marina Zárate on the topic “Organic”. Marina was born in Alicante in 1970. Being raised halfway between the sea and the countryside, she grew a love for nature since her childhood. From a very young age, she was fascinated by drawing and that passion was developed little by little.


Driven by her fascination for becoming acquainted with new with techniques and working with her hands, in 1989 she studied pottery with Rosario Castilla – Ilundain and obtained her Ceramist diploma from the ILCAS Iberoamericana workshop/school.

In the meantime, she was commissioned with advertising assignments for different firms and started collaborating with Cántaros, a traditional Spanish pottery store. Always in contact with creativity and imagination, in 2002 she completed a vocational training course on graphic design and web page design.

In the summer of 2006, as part of a self education process she specialized in drawing with graphite. That time culminated with the production of the successful “Mándalas” exhibition – 25 paintings exclusively made with this technique, all of which were sold.

A few months later, the opportunity arose to print those drawings on fabric, ad the next year she fulfilled her goal of designing t-shirts for the brand Mariuka.

In December 2007 life took her to settle in Gran Canaria, where she combined studies and work with her artistic side. Drawing on her experience as a whole, in October 2018 she began to shape “Organic”. Always exploring her new techniques, tools and fields of art, she is currently immersed in the universe of illustration for children and young people´s literature, thanks to the expert illustrator Adolfo Serra.