Last week we host in our space a group of 14 developers from different Europe Companies who came to spend a week from sunday to saturday working hard and having fun doing different activities outdoor

Sunday 9 they had a hiking to the center of the island going y bus until Roque Nublo, oe of the higest place of Gran Canaria with amazing views around. From Roque Nublo they could see the incredible geological of the volcano who exploited millions years ago.

Afther the walk they went to get lunch in a restaurant on the middle way to go to Maspalomas Dunes, another incredible spot of the island. Close to the turistic place of Maspalomas and playa del Ingles we have a small desert with amazig sand dunes that they wolked, jumpend ad having a reallu fu time togueter.At monday the start the workshop with the presentatiĆ³n of the teacher ad start working hard until 16.30h that they went to the beach to surfing, great experience to everybody.

Tuesday they start at 8.00h ad have the trainer until 17.00. Afther that they went to yoga class i a place really close to Soppa, just front of the ocean.

Wednesday they start trainig angular until 16.30h that they went surfing.

Thursday they start at 9.00h with the classes until 17.00h, they made the groups for the exercises of friday and went to the Yoga Classes

Friday, they start at 9.00h and work in groups of two the all day until 20.00-21.00h

Saturday start at 9.00h doing the presentations and showing the work that each group have already develop. Around 13.00h we made a photo of the group ad went to spend the day surfing and having fun on the beach of Las Canteras

Everyday they get the amazing coffe made by Alecs.