The past September 12 was the anniversary of the opening of Soppa de Azul. 7 years ago we started to condition the 800 square meter premises on two floors that would become a year of work in what began to be the seed of what we are now.

In 6 years of work we have made more than 60 exhibitions, hundreds of events and have gone to work with us and among us more than 200 people from very different professions and nationalities.

Thanks to all of them, freelancers, companies, artists and public Soppa de Azul is still open and thanks to all of them we have We  able to improve the space and learn to manage it better day by day.

On the 12th day we did a break from work at noon and celebrated with a cake (which John brought) and very good company the 6th anniversary of Soppa de Azul

Thank you all,