This year, again Soppa De Azul join into the Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs program, which gives the opportunity to new or aspiring entrepreneurs to get a first-hand, practical coaching from an experience from another country by working alongside to a host entrepreneurs.

Soppa de Azul has always been a symbol of friendship and hospitality, encouraging the people with different dreams to work to grow personally, and thus grow together as a team, following the slogan “ safe harbor”

With this philosophy, that Soppa welcomes Daniela Mazzeo!

Daniela Mazzeo is a young Entrepreneur from Italy, who decided developing her own business, with desire to become Self-Employed and to connect with other Gallery Art and Artist. She wants promoter and support the people and them arts.

Soppa is open to the opportunity to discovered new skills and to give to Daniela the possibility to be insert in a real working context, diving into the local culture, helping the local consumer to understand the market. The best way to learn and develop strategies to do a good business.

The desire to develop through bilateral collaboration gives spectacular outcomes and creates win-win opportunities.

No man is an island, complete in himself; each man is a piece of the continent, a part of the whole.