Soppa de Azul is not just a boutique co-working space, but also a space where ideas, community and culture converge.

If the coworking space is Soppa’s engine, its workshops are its soul.

The artists not only offer you incomparable hospitality, but imaginative and versatile solutions to create an atmosphere of positive and stimulating energy.

Currently, the occupied workshops are dedicated to four different activities.

There is a painting workshop by the artist Alecs Navio, founder and coordinator of Soppa de Azul, and a sculpture and painting workshop by Rocco Cardinale, an artist by profession, born in Taranto (Italy).

There is also a jewelry workshop with the possibility of participating in a class to learn the techniques of this craft taught by Paola Duque, Colombian jeweler.

Todas las joyas son hechas a mano con técnicas artesanales, siempre con materiales de alta calidad.

The last workshop worth seeing is the one dedicated to photography and the creation of objects through a 3D printer, Alby Martin is the founder of this innovative project where sculpture meets technology.

Soppa is always looking for alternative and interesting ways to engage the creative community.

There is also a nude drawing day and on the last Sunday of each month an “open studio” is organized, which focuses on bringing together all types of artists to participate, learn and share experiences.

“We love to make great things happen.”