About Soppa de Azul

A place where art, work, culture and technology meet

Alecs Navio, Founder

Alecs Navio is an artist and entrepreneur. He studied sociology and advertising at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Prior to opening Soppa de Azul, Alecs was responsible for the opening of DELL in Spain, worked as a Director at Bouncopy Graphic Arts and Bouncopy Telemarketing. In 2011 he opened Bullit de Blau, an art gallery in Ibiza.

Alecs has run more than 100 exhibitions and art projects such as the XXL Expo in Ibiza or painting the town square on La Isleta.

Since 2012, Alecs has been involved with his latest project, Soppa de Azul, which brings together different elements of all his previous professional engagements.

Alecs loves his family, sea, islands, mountains and collaborative painting.


A bit of a history

Soppa de Azul is a continuation of a project Alecs had been involved in for 4 years before arriving to Gran Canaria. Alecs owned an art gallery in Ibiza called Bullit de Blau, which means “boiled in blue” in Catalan. The name was a tribute to the islands, that are “boiling” in a blue sky and a blue sea.

When opening the space in Las Palmas, Alecs chose the name “Soppa de Azul”. Soppa, a “soup” in Swedish, is a meal that mixes different flavours and ingredients.

Soppa de Azul was officially opened on the 13th of September 2013, after long preparations, with limited resources, a ton of fear but a lot of passion.

The space was founded by Alecs Navío and Nacho Menvielle, who left the project in 2014 for personal reasons.

Soppa de Azul wouldn’t be the same without Alby Martín, who joined the team at the end of 2013. Alby is a professional photographer and creator, who loves working on costumes and fantasy. He is also an expert in minutera minutera, passionate educator of both children and adults, enjoys teaching and experimenting.

Our philosophy

Alecs’s aim was to create a place where art, work, culture and technology meet, near the ocean. Soppa is there to help people make their dreams come true, help them grow personally and professionally. It’s a space, where new ideas and projects are born to conserve the environment, support local communities, and make the island and the world a better place.

No matter how long you’ve been at Soppa, you will feel that you are part of a great community, and our Soppa family.

We want everyone to feel welcome and safe. Whether you are our resident, our neighbour, a traveler passing by, or a nomadic dreamer – know that Soppa’s team is here for you, so that you can focus on your work and simply enjoy your stay in Las Palmas.