Art gallery

Exhibitions and social impact

Soppa de Azul was originally born as an art gallery and until today, fostering innovation and improving the environment through culture is at the core of our mission. Our Art Gallery is registered in the Ministry of Culture and we participate in national and international art fairs. We hold exhibitions with social content to help foster equality, stop gender violence, create environmental consciousness. We are interested in art applied to new technologies and the promotion of artists from all over the world. We understand art as a way to create awareness and collaboration. We organise special visits for youth and schools to raise their awareness about current global and local issues through art.

Artists we hosted include: Rocco Cardinale, Alby Martín, Nestor Travieso, Chano Navarro Betancor, Toño Patallo, Gaja, Julia María Martín, Colectivo de artistas de Fuerteventura, Alecs Navío, Pedro Urbistondo, Salvador Gil, Mariví Gallardo, Cassandra Millares, Lia Riper.

Opening hours

9:00 – 20:00, Monday-Friday (meetings during the weekend per request)

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Contact us if you’re interested in presenting your artwork or arranging a group visit!