Coworking space

A space to create and collaborate

Soppa Coworking is a collaborative space, where people across different sectors come together to realise their professional projects, foster innovation and generate ideas.

Our community consists of web designers, developers, lawyers, cultural managers, archaeologists, event managers, sale managers, travel agents, consultants, artists and many other. No matter if you are a local, an expat or digital nomad, you are welcome at Soppa!

What you get

  • access 24/7
  • 35 fixed desks
  • 10 flexible desks
  • 2 meeting rooms (for 6 people and 20 people)
  • an event space (for 40 people)
  • a projector, screens
  • a photocopier
  • a landline
  • tax residence (if you stay minimum 6 months)
  • free water, tea and coffee (a good one – we have a proper coffee machine)
  • kids friendly environment
  • three bathrooms and a shower
  • 100 meters from the beach (and yes, you can take a shower afterwards!)
  • a chance to talk both English and Spanish

Soppa Flex

Flexible desk
  • Access Mon-Fri, 9:00-20:00
  • Flexible desk
  • Fast WiFi
  • 2 Meeting rooms
  • Photocopier, landline
  • Great coffee
  • Bicicle parking
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Soppa Day

One day
  • Access Mon-Fri, 9:00-20:00
  • Flexible desk
  • Fast WiFi
  • Coffee
  • Bicicle Parking
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Coworking Ten

Come to work 10 days during to months